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Injured Workers

Our mission when handling claims is to get you back to health and back to work. Our knowledgeable, responsive team will work with you, your employer and your medical providers to make the claim process easy to understand.

Claimant Guide

Make sure to read our Claimant Guide (also available en español). It covers key information you should know, like where to find your adjuster’s contact information, the claim lifecycle and the basics of the workers compensation claim process.

Workers compensation claims process image Workers compensation claims process image


Find a Doctor

We have a large network of medical providers across the U.S. This online tool can help you find one nearby.


Find a Pharmacy

SmithRx, our pharmacy partner, offers a choice of many national and independent pharmacies. To learn whether a pharmacy near you participates, check out our list or call them at 844-414-0701.


Connect with Our Team

Use our Quick Service & Chat tool in the bottom corner to find your claim number, adjuster contact info, upcoming payments and more. You can also chat with a member of our team.


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