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Medical Providers

All the info you need to submit documentation, get a status and more.

How to Submit a Bill


Submitting bills is easy. Need to find a status?

Get Bill Status

Finding the status of a bill you’ve previously submitted is easy using our online portal. Can’t find what you’re looking for? You can also connect with our team.

Resources for Medical Providers


Explanation of Review or Provider Payment (EOR/EPP)

Explanation of Review (EOR) or Explanation of Provider Payment (EPP) documents are sent along with payments. View or print these documents by accessing ECHO Health’s Provider Payments Portal.


Medical Bill Review

Our review process is handled by Mitchell Bill Review. For questions, call the support line at 800-732-0153.


Make sure to have your claim number or claimant name ready with the date of injury, date of service and charge amount.


Reconsideration and Appeals

You may submit reconsideration requests using the same mailing or email address as regular bills.


To submit a corrected claim for reconsideration, the bill must be labeled “Reconsideration” with a copy of the original Explanation of Review (EOR) and any supporting documentation.


California Medical Providers

All requests for authorization (RFA) should be sent to:


[email protected] (Email)


949-404-5825 (Fax)


QuicRemit Virtual Cards

All medical bill payments are issued through ECHO Health’s healthcare payment solutions. For questions in processing a QuicRemit virtual card payment, contact QuicRemit’s customer service at 877-705-4230, Monday – Friday from 8 AM – 6 PM EST.


EFT Payments

For questions regarding EFT payments, EFT enrollment or paper checks, please contact ECHO Health at 888-834-3511.