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Injured Workers


Injured on the job? Call us at 877-497-2637 to report work-related injuries and receive immediate assistance from a trained emergency physician. 

Report a Claim

Use our online reporting tool or call us at 877-497-2637 to report work-related injuries.

Documents & Forms

Check out our library of documents & forms to help you manage your claim.

Find a Doctor

Locate an in-network doctor near you. Search by specialty, location, name and more.

Find a Pharmacy

View a list of national pharmacy chains that participate in our pharmacy network.

Medical Providers


Need to submit a medical bill or get the status of a bill? Follow our guidelines on how to submit, including for reconsideration or appeal, or use our easy lookup tool to view the status of a bill.

Submit a Bill

All medical bills must be submitted on CMS 1500 or UB04 forms with supporting medical documentation.

Medical Bill Lookup

Use our easy lookup tool to find the status of a bill in minutes.


All medical bill payments are issued through ECHO Health’s healthcare payment solutions.