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Are you new to workers comp or just need a quick refresher? Below is a summary of what to expect throughout your policy term.


Make a Payment

Pay your bill online. No password needed.


Report a Claim

Use our online reporting tool or call us at 877-497-2637 to report work-related injuries.


Get Online Access

Log in or set up an account in our online portal to securely view documents, billing, loss runs and more.

Policy Guide

Our policy guide outlines the lifecycle of your policy, what to expect, key terms to know and more (also available en español). This is a great place to start if you’re new to workers compensation insurance or to BerkleyNet.

Workers Comp Policy Guide image Workers Comp Policy Guide image

Tools at your Fingertips

Our online portal offers many tools to manage your policy.


  • Check your balance and see how charges break down
  • Pay your bill using your bank account or credit card
  • Get policy documents and loss runs
  • Plus, more coming soon! In the coming months, you’ll be able to view claims for your policy, get information about your premium audit and more.
Workers Comp Tools at your Fingertips image Workers Comp Tools at your Fingertips image

Policy Basics


Workers compensation coverage protects you and your employees.

Make sure they know what to do if an accident occurs. You work hard to keep your team safe, but injuries can happen.

  • Print your state notices and display them in a noticeable place at each business location.
  • Provide every employee with instructions to follow if they’re injured on the job.


Changes to your business can impact the cost of your policy.

Your policy cost (or premium) is an estimate on different factors like payroll and the type of work each employee performs. If these change, it’s important to tell your agent so they can let us know.

  • Notify your agent of any significant changes to business operations.


Keep current with your contacts.

If something comes up related to your policy, we may need to get in touch. Be sure to keep your contact information up to date through our online portal.

  • Login to the online portal and verify that the contacts listed are correct.


Record keeping is vital to the end of your policy term.

Your premium audit will require payroll records and certificates of insurance for any subcontractors you hire. Keeping these current will simplify the audit process.

  • Maintain payroll records and get certificates of insurance for any contractors you hire.


Today’s claim costs can impact your future premiums.

Claims reported earlier often have better financial outcomes because our team can mobilize quickly to help your employee. Lower claim costs can positively impact your future premiums.

  • Print a custom panel of recommended providers and pharmacies.
  • Report any injuries as soon as possible, even if the injury does not require medical attention or time off work.

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