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Loss Runs

A loss run is a document outlining the claims on a policy with BerkleyNet. These include information such as number of claims, risk location, claim type and more. 


Loss runs may be accessed directly online through the portal. Don't have an account? Creating one is easy. 


Where can I find loss runs?

If your policy number begins in BNU, follow these instructions: 

Log in to your BerkleyNet account (or register here) and select the “What would you like to do?” drop down. Choose “View Loss Runs” to generate the document.


If your policy number begins in BNET, follow these instructions:

Log in to your BerkleyNet account and select "Get Loss Run". The button will be in the Quick Tools section on the home page. Clicking on the "Get Loss Run" button will pull up the document in a new tab. 

Please Note: The loss run document will only show the loss experience you've had while you were covered by a policy provided by BerkleyNet. Any losses incurred while covered by a different carrier will not appear. Also, due to the sensitive employee information contained within loss runs, we only send copies of the document to an owner or officer of the policy.