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BerkleyNet's New Portal

Pardon our dust! We're in the process of making the BerkleyNet portal experience even better and we understand this can sometimes be disruptive.


Here's your one stop for the latest updates on the new portal, what changes to expect and more!

Updates to current new business flow

Almost all policies outside of California are being bound in our new system. 

To accommodate this, we've made a temporary change to our bind process for new business.


You will still bind ALL new business in the portal you've always used, but we'll need to verify on our side before the policy issues. You'll receive your documents and policy number via email shortly after binding, rather than having them available immediately. 


After you click Bind, our team will fulfill the request same-day, unless submitted after 4 PM PST. If you need an expedited turnaround, please give us a call at 877-497-2637. All policy documents will be emailed to you once completed. 


Other changes to note:

  • For policies beginning with BNET, the expense constant is billed up front. The deposit amount you see on the quote may differ if it's bound in our new system. To avoid discrepancies in the deposit amount, we'll move the expense constant to the second installment for BNET policies.
  • We'll send the policy number and documents to the email address listed in the Submission Information section of the bind workflow.
  • Payment plans offered for BNET policies are slightly different than in our old system. The payment plan you select during the bind process will be converted to the closest match when issued in the new system.

When to use which portal

During this transition, you'll be working in both portals. The diagram below will help you know where to go for what. Please note, this is temporary.

Legacy Portal

  • Quote and bind new business
  • Service policies with policy numbers that begin with BNU

New Portal

  • Service policies with policy numbers that begin with BNET
  • Access a claims list and claims details on all policies, for insureds with both BNET and BNU prefixes



Soon you'll be able to access quote and bind in the new portal.

Key Portal Upgrades

  • Search all policies you have access to in one place, no need to switch between producer locations if you have access to multiple.
  • Access invoices from the documents section on the policy overview and the billing page, no longer just from the documents section.
  • Auto-pay set up is easier and a draft limit can be applied. Download set-up instructions here.
  • A claims list and details are available and are more detailed, including the claim representative's contact information.
  • Policy details are easier to read and offer a more comprehensive view of the policy.
  • Agency admins can view and manage their users, whereas before you could only add but not view or manage.
  • We now show the primary contact for the policy on-screen so you and your clients can confirm we have the right info.
  • Generate claims reports with the following filter options: Date Range, Location and Claim Status


Installment Plans

Legacy Portal

10-pay, 20% down 

10-pay, 15% down (California Only) 

2-pay, 60% down 

3-pay, 40% down 

New Portal

*Monthly Self-Reporting and Payroll Reporting is still available


9 installments, 20% down 

9 installments, 15% down (California Only) 

1 installment, 60% down 

3 installments, 30% down 

6 installments, 25% down

Other Billing Changes


Policy Lifecycle & Process Changes

No More Auto-Reinstatement 

If we have an accurate email address on file for the insured and the due date has passed, we'll email up to two past-due reminders. If no payment is received after seven days, the policy will transition into Pending Cancellation status and will receive a Notice of Cancellation in the mail.


If they make their payment after cancellation, even within five days, the policy will not automatically reinstate as it may have before. Instead, we are reminding the insured before the policy goes into Pending Cancellation status.


Commission Statements

Commission statements are not yet available in the new portal. They are currently being emailed to the commissions contact at your agency.


Renewal Quotes

Renewal quotes will be available in the new portal 45 days prior to the effective date, whereas previously it was 45 days prior to the effective month.

Logging In

Access either portal by visiting Click 'Log In' in the top right. 

If you already had an account in the legacy portal, you'll be able to automatically log in using the same username and password in the new portal.



If you did not have an account in the legacy portal, or if you have any trouble, please contact us at

[email protected].

Other FAQs